About PageRankCafe

PageRankCafe is free service which provides website traffic and advertising to online business owners, blog owners and affiliate marketers. It also serves as a free web traffic exchange network where anyone can browse the latest online products, services and programs that are currently buzzing the web.

PageRankCafe receives website link submissions from online business owners (or their affiliate partners) to have their website included in our web traffic exchange viewing system for free. And as a PageRankCafe member, they must then browse other member websites in the web traffic exchange program to earn credits. This will in turn enable their website to be viewed by other members through the same web traffic exchange viewing system. This ultimately increases the number of website visitors (exposure) to all the sites involved.

The PageRankCafe web traffic exchange system enforces a certain credit ratio, which illustrates the number of websites the viewer must visit in order to receive one web hit through the program of their promoted website. Our "website viewing system" also imposes a mandatory time limit while members are visiting websites to earn credits, ranging from 6 seconds to 12 seconds each.

Paid link and banner advertising display options are also available for those members who "do not" wish to view (visit) other members sites for earning credits.

Being that PageRankCafe member viewers are mostly website owners, bloggers and online affiliates, it is highly likely that our visitors may find other members websites unique or interesting and thus make note of them on their own websites... sending even more web traffic and exposure their way.

We also have affiliate tools available to encourage users to increase their credits by referring others to our free web traffic exchange advertising service.

PageRankCafe was specifically designed to be the premier FREE (or low-budget campaign) alternative for small business owners and marketers who need web traffic volume and exposure to their online products, offers, services, and PageRankCafe was specifically designed to be the premier free (or low-budget advertising campaign) alternative for small online business owners, bloggers and web marketers who need website traffic volume and exposure to their online products, offers, services, and programs... as well as being an invaluable tool for ordinary people to locate these same hard to find online products, offers, services, and programs.

Our unique web traffic exchange service is like nothing you've ever seen before!