Press Release Lesson #1-What Is A Press Release?

Your press release is not a sales letter or ad.  All you are really doing is informing people of your online existence.  It's not another 'sales piece' to be sent out.  

You are attempting to get some publicity for you and your website.  Be informative and never 'sell' in your press release copy.  Let your website do the selling.  

A properly written press release is going to drive some very highly targeted traffic to your website.  

So what do you want to put into your press release?

Only facts about your website, product or service.  

It's possible someone runs with your press release and does a full featured article on your website as a result of how you present the information.  

In the upcoming lessons you will learn:

* How to write a press release from scratch.

* Where to submit your press release.

* Marketing your press release for greater publicity.

and much more!

With these new found skills you will discover how easy it is driving some very targeted traffic to your websites.

I will be releasing one lesson a month over the next four months.

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